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Friday, October 1, 2010


Some tips on photographing miniatures...

Susan from emailed me earlier in the week asking if I would create a post about photography and in particular photographing miniatures

I'm not too great at taking photos of my minis myself, and mostly just hope for the best. But I do use my macro button which will be explained in the tutorial link below.
My knowledge on this subject is limited and hoping we can all advise and give each other tips, links, info etc.

Useful Links and Tutorials

Here's a link to Artisans in Miniature . Once there go to the top of the page and click Archive... here''s a link for that anyway... and then find the April 2009 issue of the free online magazine, to follow a great photography tutorial by Aim Member Vicky Guile
This is an absolutely brilliant tutorial explained in an easy and clear way. It helped me loads and improved my own photos.
But, I know I could get better results too if I could just find the time to read my camera user guide.

Here is more info on using the macro mode for your camera.

Here's another great tutorial.

Michelle said…I must confess that I found out the best (or hard way!) way to photograph mini's was by trial and error! More errors at first! lol Even with the macro on (that's the tulip symbol selected to on), you mustn't be too near to your item other wise your photo will come out blurred.

If I want a photo to look like you're in the room I hold the camera in the room and just keep taking photo's till I find the best angle and photo and then take them proper ones. For low down shots (for items that are tiny and low down) I have the camera on the same level.

For a group setting I simply move back a little more than if I want a close up (still with the macro on, in fact all my photo's have been taken with it on). As with anything..practice makes perfect. :o))

BlacknickSculpture said... Thanks for the links Nikki. I also have trouble getting consistent results when photographing miniature work.

Besides the macro setting I've found using a tripod helps with eliminating a lot of the blurry results I used to get.

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